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Professional Tutoring Services: Tutors on Call

Native language: English
Currently living in: Canada

We are a professional tutoring academy that offers in-home lessons in various subjects and at different levels.

Reasons why our tutoring is successful:

1. Our tutors are either certified teachers or degree specialists and have several years of teaching experience.

2. A full background check is conducted with each tutor. This includes a reference check, criminal record check and their documentation verified.

3. Every program includes Monthly Progress Reports that detail objectives accomplished and the student’s progress.

4. All skill development programs include a customized Learning Plan which provides an overview of the learning objectives for the program.

5. Effective materials are provided that are aligned with the provincial guidelines.

6. There is a consistent tutoring schedule which matches the student’s availability.

Our hourly rates start at $39.00 per hour.

Contact Tutors on Call: www.tutors-on-call.com or 1-888-887-5889.

  • Onsite: Vancouver
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